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Dec 07, 2003 - 03:52 PM
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Open news feed
Posted by: jimkillock
Open submissions Open news feed - post your comments here.



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Open news feed

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Censorship or sabotage on Indymedia?(Score: 1)
by DarkCloud on Nov 10, 2002 - 11:01 AM
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This is an email recieved yesterday of an article on Indymedia Israel. Looking for it today the site is hard to access, and where this article was says "No story to tell yet". Which is odd as it is here.

Where should all the settlers go!!
by Tom 4:26pm Fri Nov 8 '02

Ha'aretz daily

Two artificial islands will rise off the country's coast if the government goes ahead with a
change in planning. A fast-track building program for residential projects of more than 500
housing units and a plan to build the artificial islands are to be presented to the cabinet
on Sunday.

The proposals have already drawn flack from officials in several ministries, including the
Environment and Interior Ministries. Officials who object say the proposals violate existing
planning policy and could have far-reaching effects on the environment.

A proposal to be submitted by National Infrastructure Minister Effi Eitam and Prime Minister
Ariel Sharon sets up a panel of ministry director-generals, headed by the director-general
of the National Infrastructure Ministry, which would push construction of two islands off
the coast, one designated for an airport and the other for residential and commercial

A precise location for the islands has yet to be discussed. According to the panel's
recommendations, a tender will be issued within three months for the planning and
construction of the islands.

The Environment and Interior Ministries object on the grounds that this contradicts a
previous decision of the National Planning and Building Council, which said artificial
islands may be constructed only for infrastructure facilities. The ministries also want any
decision to await the completion of a policy paper on artificial islands. ShArt.j...

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Into the sea?
by Grrt 4:44pm Fri Nov 8 '02

So they will drive them into the sea after all...

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Floating Survival Units for all EarthLife.
by DarkCloud 1:17pm Sat Nov 9 '02

Islands are a daft idea. they will be swamped by rising sea levels.

Much better to build floating units that will rise with the sea level, and be self
sustaining units floating on the deep ocean. Not one big lump, but small units wiith
articulated links so the whole thing is flexible. They must be able to feed themselves even
if there is a huge breakthrough of UV light to burn up all the plants growing out in the

And they need to contain the most diverse environment possible. And that includes diverse
types of people too.

There is a great deal of research to be done, and consideration given to a breakdown in the
weather system if the world temperature becomes much mor equable.

UV light may be the fire next time.

Alfred Russel Wallace suggested the next stage in evolution will be in the direction of Co-
operation, and it is Hospitality that makes us human.

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Re: Open news feed (Score: 1)
by jimkillock (
on Sep 16, 2002 - 09:56 PM
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Like this

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